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22 April 2015

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Job Ad Distribution?

Posted by Team Talemetry

Job boards are the second most popular sourcing channel recruiters use, after employee referrals, according to Software Advice. While job boards are great for delivering a high quantity of candidates, they aren’t always the best in terms of candidate quality. Because job ad distribution to job boards can be costly, recruiters need to ensure they are getting responses from the best suited candidates by optimizing job postings for greater efficiency.

Here are 5 tips on how to get the most out of your job postings:

Conduct keyword research

job-ad-distributionRecruiters need to know how job seekers are searching online, both within job board websites and in the search engines. It’s worthwhile to spend time conducting keyword research to determine what search terms potential candidates are using as they look for jobs. For example, if you are advertising a job title that isn’t commonly used, you’ll be missing out on clicks. In fact, it’s recommended to conduct this research before determining what the job position/title will be. A great free tool to use during this process is the Google Keyword Planner.

Be engaging

Job postings are essentially advertisements for the company they represent. If a job post is boring, the company that posted it is viewed as boring too. Job applicants are looking for a list of responsibilities, yes, but there’s no need to list every single duty. Stick to the most important points and be sure to show some brand personality and highlight the impact the person in the role will have on the company.

Include the information applicants want to see

Get The Talent Network Solution Snapshot Free Download In addition to recommended past experience and job responsibilities, candidates are considering other things before they decide to invest their time in applying for a position. Company culture, salary range, and benefit information is all helpful information that can assist the candidate in making their decision. For recruiters, it also helps weed out candidates that are looking for salary/benefits beyond what the company is capable of providing, saving time.


Ideally, every job posting should be proofread by numerous people before getting published. Spelling and grammar errors in a job post reflect poorly on the company and are a turn off to today’s top talent. In some cases a job post may be the first interaction a job seeker has with an organization. It shouldn’t be a negative one!

Share with your networks

Once a job post is live, recruiters need to use all of the channels available to them to get the word out and encourage current employees to do the same! Today, social media can be a great recruiting tool. Be sure to share all job postings via the company social profiles. If the budget allows, recruiters should consider investing in social advertising to ensure that a wider audience is seeing their job posts.

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