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15 June 2016

In Search of Great Job Search

Posted by Team Talemetry

Career sites are a great place to showcase your brand, your employer value proposition, your awards – all the characteristics that make your organization a great place to work. In fact, research by The Talent Board reveals that corporate career sites are the number one place that candidates go to for information about your jobs (64% of candidates). Further, the research reveals that most relevant content on the career site for candidates is the job description (74% of candidates).

Yet, finding the job search link, let alone finding jobs can be mind-numbingly difficult on a large number career sites. And even when you find out where the jobs are, getting to the most relevant jobs can be challenging.

There are several key practices that every company should employ when it comes to getting the right jobs in front of the right candidates on their career sites.

It’s All About Searchjob-search-blog.jpg

Think about your own web experiences. Whether it’s shopping or researching, the ability to get where you want to go is the cornerstone of great web interaction. The ability to quickly type what you want and have the site get you right there makes the difference between engaging and bouncing off somewhere else.

Great search trumps browsing by category any day of the week. Especially when you’re on a mobile device. Drilling into categories is a deal killer for phone users. And if you’re like most organizations, 30% to 60% of your career site traffic is likely coming from mobile devices. The ability to engage mobile users is dependent on your site’s search function.

Put Search Front and Center

This one is obvious. When candidates land on your career site, the first thing they want to see is your jobs. More specifically, your jobs that are relevant to them.

Yet too many career sites feature company and employer branding content, relegating job search to a small menu item or side link. Leading organizations put search buttons or, better yet, search boxes front, center, and at the top of the page.

Consumer Quality Candidate Experience Starts with Search

Qualified candidates are in short supply and are often already employed. So when you do attract them to your career site, you need to make engaging with your jobs easy and intuitive – in other words; consumer quality. Candidates expect the same kind of experience they enjoy when they engage with consumer

  • Typeahead. When it comes to job search, that means time savers like typeahead options. When you enter data, your job search box should prefill all jobs you have that contain the word data (i.e. Data Analyst, Data Entry Associate, Database Admin, etc.). Extra points if your search is smart enough to suggest alternative titles that are related to the term they entered.
  • Radius search. Not only should candidates be able to search by keyword, they should be able to filter results by location so they can find jobs that are closest to them. Being able to filter searches by zip code and select how many miles from their zip code the jobs need to be is extremely helpful for candidates.
  • IP location detection. You can detect where a candidate is browsing from using IP detection and data lookup. Most consumer quality websites do this and you should too! This is especially helpful when candidates are on mobile devices and saves the step of typing in a zip code.
  • Location maps. Search results should be shown on a location map so candidates can visually drill into the jobs at the locations. This not only makes interacting with your jobs easier, it showcases how tech savvy your company is.
  • Search options. A single search box with Google-quality search is the Holy Grail, but keep in mind that job seekers don’t always know exactly what they are looking for. Especially if they are unfamiliar with your company. That’s why it’s a good idea to provide broader search options like job family searches (marketing, nursing, etc.) or location searches. That way candidates can narrow their search for browsing without having to click through category links and pages.

New Call-to-action Search is THE most important part of your candidate experience, yet most applicant tracking systems provide search capability that ranges from OK to downright unusable.

That’s why leading organizations utilize third party solutions for their career sites. Whether it be custom web solutions, or recruitment marketing systems with full content management systems and built-in enhanced search features that are designed to integrate with the ATS. It’s simply the only way to provide the kind of consumer quality search and candidate experience that candidates expect today.

For more key practices and strategies for providing consumer quality candidate experiences, click here for Talemetry’s Candidate Experience Strategy Snapshot. Or check out their recorded webinar here.

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