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13 October 2012

Top 3 Takeaways from HR Tech 2012

Posted by JamesT

As HR Tech 2012 winds down following another great show, thousands of attendees and exhibitors like myself are catching flights and heading home after spending the last few days learning, networking, giving and receiving demos, and attending one too many late night event parties.

I thought I’d share my top 3 takeaways and observations as I reflect back on the last few days.

3. The HR Tech vendor landscape continues to change

Walking through the exhibition hall this year, it became very apparent how much things have changed since last year’s conference. Industry giants Oracle and SAP have strengthened their talent management offerings and now have Taleo and SuccessFactors logos respectively displayed on their booths following each of their acquisitions. They didn’t stop there. SAP SuccessFactors acquired Jobs2web and Oracle Taleo recently snapped up Selectminds. For more on recent acquisitions, check out Jessica Miller-Merrell’s post, Brief History of HR Tech Trends & Technology Acquisition.

Acquisitions like these will likely continue as the market consolidates and large vendors try to build the most complete offerings. I wonder what big acquisitions we will be seeing the results of at HR Tech 2013.

2. The investor market for HR tech is red-hot

I can’t recall an event throughout my career where I had as many discussions with financial investors wanting to learn more about technology vendors, their offerings, and how they differentiate themselves in the market. Clearly spurred on by the flurry of recent acquisitions and investments, it appears investors are on the prowl to get a piece of the next great HR tech success story.

1. Customers want it all! from one HR Tech vendor

A common theme from HR tech customers was, “I want all the functionality, but I don’t want another piece of software from another vendor.”

There is no shortage of new vendors popping up claiming to offer the latest and greatest technology for HR. But why should a customer of a talent management solution for example, have to purchase software from multiple other vendors to create a complete solution? Maybe that’s why we’re seeing all the acquisitions.

Like most other HR Tech attendees, I now need to go and dig myself out of all the email that has piled up over the last few days. These were my observations of the conference!what were yours?

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