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8 December 2012

US Legal HR Compliance in Recruiting & Hiring

Posted by Talemetry Today

Let’s face it: with the complex and ever-changing legal challenges, laws and regulations, today’s hiring process can be a veritable minefield when it comes to compliance.

Failing to navigate this minefield can lead to a multitude of undesirable, very expensive consequences – and that’s why employers need to rely on their talent acquisition vendors to help protect, rather than expose them, to the often severe repercussions of non-compliance in the hiring process.

The recruiting and hiring process has changed for most employers; certain geographic areas experience major shortages of candidates, while others enjoy a surplus of qualified talent.

Couple these considerations with larger workforce trends like the rise of social networks, demographic changes across the employment spectrum and increased oversight by government compliance agencies, and the life of today’s HR department has become more complicated than ever before.

Fortunately, with this increased complexity, new software solutions have been developed to raise the bar when it comes to organizations’ growing demands to find and hire the best talent more effectively and efficiently. These technologies not only help drive hiring results, but also provide a powerful ally in helping employers ensure compliance with all pertinent legal requirements (and even help reduce the risk of accidental non-compliance).

Our recent White Paper, “Talemetry and United States Legal Compliance in Recruiting and Hiring,” lays out some of the major requirements U.S. companies face in complying with today’s hiring laws and regulations, from those put forth by the Office of Federal Compliance Programs (“OFCCP”) and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”).

It also describes how Talemetry sourcing solutions can help support companies compliance efforts while delivering top talent and bottom line results.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • Current Sourcing and OFCCP Requirements
  • Sourcing and EEOC/OFCCP Obligations
  • Supporting Sourcing Compliance Through Software Solutions

Check out the embed below of our most recent white paper and make sure your sourcing process remains fully compliant – and fully optimized for finding and delivering the best talent.


More Legal Stuff (Disclaimer): Of course, Talemetry isn’t a law firm, and this white paper shouldn’t be construed as legal advice…we encourage readers (and their employers) to engage their own legal counsel and obtain advice specific to their particular circumstances.

No employment counsel? No worries. Talemetry can offer connections to some of the US’ most experienced and respected employment and compliance law experts.

In addition, since rules and regulations are constantly being revised, updated and implemented, readers should also obtain advice on how the laws discussed within this document might have changed following the publication date.

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