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26 April 2016

How Mature Are Your Candidate Attraction Strategies?

Posted by Team Talemetry

Attracting candidates used to be as simple as advertising on job boards. However, those days are gone as candidate attraction has expanded to include other attraction vehicles. While there may be different definitions for candidate attraction, we define it as follows:

Candidate attraction is the act of getting open positions in front of qualified candidates in a compelling way.”

Broken down further, candidate attraction consist of the following elements:

  • Job boards
  • Social networks
  • Digital ads
  • Display ads
  • Events
  • Recruitment agencies

Each one of these elements represents a different channel for attracting candidates to your jobs, and they each work together to ensure you are covering all your bases. Recruitment agencies, for example, tend to be more effective for specialized jobs, while events tend to be more effective for high volume jobs.

Evaluating Your Organization’s Attraction StrategiesTalemetry Recruitment Marketing Maturity Model

Talemetry has developed a Recruitment Marketing Maturity Model to show our customers and prospective customers what their current capabilities are and outline where they need to expand them. When it comes to candidate attraction strategies, the model details the specific capabilities and maturity levels we see as organizations evolve their attraction capabilities:

Basic Level – Use of mass job boards, posting ads one at a time manually. Use of agencies on an ad hoc basis and manual posting to social networks.

Functional Level – Increase in sophistication of job distribution, posting jobs from one source to multiple career sites. Both free and diversity focused job boards are incorporated and jobs start to get posted to specialized sites focused on specialized job families.

Modern Level  – Characterized by the use of digital advertising, including pay-per-click and social ads. Distribution of job ads tends to be centralized within the recruiting organization, freeing up recruiters to respond to incoming candidates. Jobs are distributed to agencies in the same way as job boards and social ads, providing structure and analytics for agency spend. Employee referral programs become more prevalent as well. Get The Talent Network Solution Snapshot Free Download

Optimized Level – With most attraction functions automated and centralized, organizations at this level measure and optimize each aspect of their attraction strategy within their overall candidate acquisition mix and take action to incrementally improve it.

Most organizations we engage with fall between Functional and Modern Levels and are attempting to attain an Optimized Level of capability.

By understanding where your organization falls in the Recruitment Marketing Maturity Model and making incremental improvements, your organization will reach higher levels of capability within a strategic framework aligned around increased business results.

For more on how to evolve your candidate attraction capability within the Recruitment Marketing Maturity Model, download our free Strategy Snapshot

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