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Recruiters win in Apple / Google settlement

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15 January 2015

How Does the Google / Apple Poaching Settlement Affect Recruiting?

Posted by Ian Alexander

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So Google and Apple (along with Intel and Adobe) have apparently reached a settlement with a group of employees that claim that Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt conspired to limit poaching between the two companies. 

This is the second settlement proposed. A judge threw out the first one because it was too low.

So how does this affect recruiting? Specifically the effective and growing corporate practice of direct sourcing? In the best possible way!

poaching-magnetThe fact that Google and Apple CEOs felt losing key employees was so critical to their success that they broke the law to limit it, tells you that it is a pretty effective way to get talent. "Hire to hurt," as they say.

And the fact that the full force of the law is here to make sure recruiters have free access to talent, no matter who they are, is a big shot in the arm.

Of course, this truce at some of the largest and most influential companies in the world certainly represents a high stakes game. But no company of any size in any industry wants to lose key talent.  So if you are directly sourcing candidates from your competitors or from anywhere else, you better do it right.

What's right? You can't hire someone you can't find, so you should have a central database that lets you Put recruitment marketing to work for you access and engage candidates from multiple sources. With search tools that make it easy to hone in on candidates by company, skills, seniority, etc. And once you engage those candidates, they may never respond directly. No chance to wow them with your big offer.

But they'll likely check out your career site. Is it designed to knock them out or make them yawn? If engineers are a key target for you, do you have an engineering-specific career site with relevant content that makes them want to take the next step? Is applying easy or onerous? Do you have a talent network for them to join with just a few fields to fill out in case they don't want to apply today?

Direct sourcing goes way beyond the search. But the good news is, if you're good at it and you can get to talent...this settlement affirms that you have every right to hire the best talent you can find.

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