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1 November 2016

Healthcare Recruitment Trends and Tools

Posted by Team Talemetry

It seems as if no sector is as dynamic and challenging as healthcare recruitment. Healthcare talent is specialized, scarce, and subject to changing national healthcare policies. But the real challenge behind it all is the rapid and sweeping changes in the kind of talent that will be required going forward.

According to GW Health Workforce Institute at George Washington University, by 2022 nearly one in eight jobs in the US will be in the healthcare field. That’s a growth rate of more than 26%!Healthcare recruitment trends

And a closer look at the numbers reveals that most of those jobs are in non-hospital settings. In fact, hospital employment is only projected to grow at 14% and that’s the lowest growth of all divisions in the healthcare employment sector.

New policies around value-based care are increasing demand for jobs like home health aides and physical therapists. But while this approach is driving demand for non-hospital jobs, it is also having a trickle down effect that is impacting the long impacted nursing field.

Of course nursing demand has been driven by educational bottlenecks in nursing schools that have historically reduced supply, but increasingly value-based care is driving duties previously handled by doctors to nurses. That, combined with increasing nurse retirements is resulting in a strong demand for RNs. In fact, more than a half million additional nurses will need to be hired over the next few years according to GWU. Much of this growth will be in the areas of advanced practice nursing, licensed practical nurses, and licensed vocational nurses.

"By 2022 nearly one in eight jobs in the US will be in the healthcare field. That’s a growth rate of more than 26%!"

There is expected to be ongoing demand for technologists and data specialists as population health continues to be a key strategy for healthcare reform.

So beyond the population health focus, technology is still the biggest driver in healthcare jobs. Technologies that were pioneered in other fields, such as patient portals or videoconferencing tools, are making their way into healthcare. As healthcare leaders find the best uses for these tools, experienced technologists will be in demand.Download Free Predictable Hiring Handbook

With all the talent challenges the healthcare industry faces, it’s no surprise that healthcare organizations represent one of the largest segments of Talemetry’s client base. In many ways, healthcare has been a proving ground for new recruiting technologies like candidate relationship management (CRM) systems as healthcare organizations wrestle with changing needs and an ever-present shortage of specialized talent.

For a deeper dive into healthcare recruiting trends, click here. For more information about how Talemetry’s recruitment marketing platform has helped leading healthcare employer UPMC get more of the right candidates, check out our UPMC case study here. 


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