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20 August 2013

Grady Health Optimizes Recruiting By Knowing What’s Working and What’s Not

Posted by JamesT

We constantly hear from organizations that their biggest recruiting challenge is not how to track applicants once they have applied for jobs, but rather how to find and attract the best applicants in the first place, a process often referred to as "talent generation." Employers struggle with the lack of visibility into which activities are effective at finding and attracting talent -- and which are not. In the absence of this visibility, recruiters are faced with throwing more and more money at the problem, without knowing what’s really working.

Grady Health, an enterprise healthcare provider, decided to address that issue by implementing the Talemetry Talent Generation Suite. The goal was to improve the company's overall effectiveness at finding and attracting talent while gaining insight into how to best allocate recruiting resources across the organization.

Specifically, Talemetry gave the company's leaders insight into:

  • Recruiter Activities – Understanding the steps and activities that recruiters were taking to successfully attract talent allowed them to then replicate those best practices across the organization.
  • Job Board Usage – Visibility into job posting activities allowed them to see which of their postings were generating the best candidates. This allowed them to optimize their job posting strategy and save costs by focusing on the top producing boards and reducing usage of others.
  • Candidate Experience – The ability to see where job seekers are dropping off from their career sites and job applications allowed them to understand what needed to be changed to increase their application volumes. In particular, Talemetry provided data to show why the volume of nursing candidates -- a top priority -- visiting their career site was lower than what they needed. They were able to take steps to correct it.

To learn more, view the full case study here.

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