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7 March 2016

Free eBook: Predictable, Scalable, and Proactive Recruiting

Posted by Team Talemetry

Predictable Hiring is all about how to become more proactive, scalable and…wait for it…predictable in your recruiting efforts. Download Free Predictable Hiring HandbookWhen it comes to proactive recruiting, who doesn’t want a steady stream of potential employees always on call when you need to fill the positions that will propel your organization to success?

Predictable Hiring is a concise roadmap that shows you how to structure your hiring strategies, programs, and organization to move past reactive recruiting straight to proactive, scalable, and optimized recruiting.

This 30-page handbook lays out a predictable hiring scaffolding chapter by chapter and gives you the practical steps you can take to build a powerful recruiting engine for your organization. You'll learn:

  • Why labor supply and demand is changing the way we acquire talent
  • How to combine your internal and external sources of talent into a centralized talent pool
  • cover_image.pngThe role of segmentation and pipelines in effective talent acquisition
  • Strategies for engaging candidates BEFORE you need them
  • Keys to creating a source first culture
  • The role of marketing in predictable hiring
  • Strategies for engaging passive candidates
  • Key analytics for predicting your ability to meet hiring demand
  • Optimization approaches for your entire recruiting organization
  • Case studies of predicable hiring in action, and much more!

Predictable Hiring is based on Talemetry’s experience helping hundreds of organizations apply recruitment marketing strategies to deliver more efficient and effective recruiting outcomes.

Download your free copy of the eBook today and let us know what you think!

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