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13 October 2016

Free Candidate Experience Handbook: Rev Up Recruiting by Delighting Candidates

Posted by Team Talemetry

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported earlier this year that there are just 1.5 active candidates for every open job in the US. Not qualified, just active. Clearly, demand for candidates is high and supply is very low, especially for specialized positions.

In this environment candidates are in control, and recruiting organizations are scrambling to find better ways to engage, delight, and hire the best candidates.CXHandbook_Cover_Graphic.png

That’s why Talemetry has released The Candidate Experience Handbook: How to rev up recruiting results by delighting candidates. This free 36-page handbook details the importance of candidate experience in the hiring process and provides dozens of key practices and strategies to help you get the most out of your candidate satisfaction efforts.

The Candidate Experience Handbook is a concise overview that provides the building blocks for taking candidate experience to the next level. Within this free electronic book, you’ll learn:

  • What socio-economic factors are driving the focus on candidate experience
  • Tactics for engaging a huge pool of neglected candidates
  • The numbers behind improved online candidate experience
  • Key metrics for satisfying candidates and increasing recruiting effectiveness
  • What a consumer quality online experience really is
  • Key strategies for turning online applicants into an evergreen well of future hires
  • Case studies of winning candidate experience in action
  • ...and much more

To download your free copy, click here

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