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6 April 2015

Recruiters: Facebook Fans are NOT Seeing Your Facebook Job Posts

Posted by Team Talemetry

At a recent recruiting conference it came to our attention that there is a lot of misinformation in recruiting circles regarding the use of Facebook to share job listings. Recruiters are being told that posting jobs on their Facebook page exposes the job listings to all of the people who Like the page within their News Feed. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. In fact, in 2012 organic Facebook reach (the number of people you can reach for free by posting to your Page) was only 16% and according to studies conducted since then, that number has continued to decline.

While many point to Facebook’s desire to force Page owners to pay for ads (or Sponsored posts) in order to be visible in the News Feed, Facebook gives

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two different reasons for the steady decline of organic reach. The first reason is that there is now far more content being made than there is time to absorb it and competition in the News Feed is increasing, minimizing the exposure of each post. The second reason involves how the News Feed works. It is designed not to show people all possible content, but rather to show the content that’s most relevant to them (based on Facebook’s algorithm).

No matter what the reason for the sharp decline in Facebook organic reach in the News Feed is, the bottom line is that recruiters need to alter their approach when utilizing Facebook as an outlet to share Facebook job posts and engage with candidates. Simply creating a post and hitting the “Share” button means that only a small fraction of the people who Like the page may see it. In order to enhance the visibility of job listings on Facebook (or any Facebook post for that matter), Page owners must invest in Facebook Advertising.

Facebook offers a variety of advertising options, but the top option we believe recruiters should begin taking advantage of, if they haven’t already, is Page Post Engagement ads, which “get more people seeing, liking, commenting on and sharing your Page content on Facebook”. These ads allow Page owners to reach more people who like the Page in addition to new audiences chosen by targeting options that include location, age, gender, and interests. Recruiters can “boost” a job listing post to increase visibility and engagement starting at $5.

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While it’s certainly frustrating to learn that not everyone who Likes a Facebook Page is seeing every post from that Page, we’d discourage recruiters from giving up on Facebook entirely. After all, it is the most popular social network and people expect legitimate businesses to have an active presence there. The organic reach of job listings in the Facebook News Feed is simply an additional factor that recruiters must consider as they determine what their job distribution strategy and budget is.

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