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9 August 2016

Extracting the Best Candidate Experience

Posted by Team Talemetry

The job application. It’s the point where the rubber meets the road for candidate experience. Candidates open up and provide intimate details about their experience and their fitness for your job. And recruiting organizations funnel all their programs, time, and money to lead candidates to this one page.

A strong case could be made that the employment application is ground zero for modern recruiting. Accordingly, every employer should devote consistent time and effort to optimize this crucial cog in the talent acquisition wheel.MobileApplicationsA.jpg

At the top of your candidate experience list in terms of time and effort is getting a solid resume parsing and social profile extraction technology front and center for every candidate form you offer. The ability for prospective candidates to upload or point to a cloud hosted resume, or use a LinkedIn or other profile to apply for a job can mean the difference between capturing that candidate or losing them.

From applications to talent networks, resume/social profile extraction makes it easier for candidates to give you more information in less time. Plus, it can dramatically increase the number of candidates that you convert to applicants or talent network members.

Resume Extraction and Mobile

Remember, if yours is like most organizations, you are getting anywhere from 25% to 50% of your career site traffic from candidates on mobile devices. Having solid resume/social profile extraction in place increases your ability to convert more of that large chunk of visitors into engaged candidates.

It removes the most significant barrier to applying for your jobs on a mobile device: lack of access to a local copy of a resume. By allowing mobile visitors to point to a resume on Dropbox or Google drive, or access their LinkedIn or Indeed profiles, you’ll get more mobile applicants AND get more and better data from these candidates.

Resume Parsing Mistakes

Your organization may already have resume extraction capability, but how effectively are you using it? Common mistakes with resume/social profile extraction include: Get The Talent Network Solution Snapshot Free Download

  • Parsing too little information. If you’re just pulling demographic information from candidate resumes and profiles, you’re missing out on most of the value. You should be extracting that plus experience, qualifications, skills, and education. It doesn’t take any longer for the candidate, but it dramatically reduces form completion time and ensures you have sourceable data for the current job or future jobs.
  • Parsing after registration. Talemetry has clients who see 90% drop off at the registration step. Placing the resume/social profile extraction after registration does little to help retain them. Put your extraction prior to registration and watch your visitor to applicant rate skyrocket.
  • Using resume/social profile extraction for job applications only. Resume/social profile extraction is ideally suited to talent network opt-ins or any other form where you are engaging potential candidates. Why would you settle for name, email, and job interest, when for the same amount of candidate effort, you could be getting complete sourcing data, including past jobs and other qualifications?

Candidate supply is short and the ability to quickly and easily engage causal candidates online who are already employed is crucial for filling your jobs. Resume/social profile extraction, used to its fullest potential, should be your number one weapon for providing the best candidate experience and converting more visitors to applicants.

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