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21 November 2013

The Evolution of CRM for Customers and Candidates

Posted by JamesT

This week, the leading cloud software vendor announced Salesforce1. A platform designed to build applications to better support customer relationships. The concept is to think about all the different touch points you have with customers and allow them to interact with you on their terms, when they want it, how they want with the ultimate goal of generating long term, profitable customer advocates.

This concept is similar to the Oracle CX concept being marketed as an open platform for customer management. One built with an API that allows connectivity to other applications and systems so that data can be shared. It is designed for mobile consumption from the ground up. One that is inherently ‘social’ connected to external and internal social networks.

With all this focus on the customer, what can this mean for recruiting technology?

To put this in recruiting terminology, think of it as the platform for managing candidate relationships for those people that applied for jobs or expressed an interest in the past. These candidates form your talent network (or pool or community or whatever term you choose).

If we are to continue to improve the way we recruit, I believe we need to be thinking of candidates like engaged customers (not simply as transient prospects). Here are three ways to think about the opportunity and the technology requirements:

1) Single candidate environment: candidate data is captured and lives in many places but recruiters need access to all of it one place in order to get a true picture of your talent pool. Having all of it one place means you can prioritize, sort, filter, rank, and communicate effectively without regard for location. We seem to have no problem with this concept for customer data but many organizations continue to struggle to create that single source to access all candidates.

2) Foster candidate relationships: once you have candidates organized regardless of source, your next task is to ensure consistent, high quality communications through multiple channels. Critically important is to ensure you connect with the candidate how they want to connect with you. That could be email, twitter, facebook, phone, web site, or mobile device. Make sure you can track every interaction so both the recruiting team and the candidate so you understand what’s working, and what’s not.

3) Integration with 3rd party systems: just like customer information is everywhere, so too is candidate information. Customers are active on social media and potentially are discussing your company. They are expressing their interests for future purchases. They have filled out credit applications, customer support requests, and much more. If we think of candidates as customers and we apply the same concept, we realize that candidate information is not static. It’s dynamic. Think about the candidate information you capture including public social communications, the private background checks, assessments, video interviews for candidates that did not get hired previously but may well be a great source for future candidates and ensure you capture and organize this information in the candidate relationship process.

If we as recruiters and talent acquisition leaders continue to think of the ongoing relationship we have with candidates the same way the world is thinking of customers we go way beyond the current linear apply-to-hire (or not) process. Instead we think about the candidate relationship differently and we move to a circular candidate relationship process that we call talent generation. A process that is always gathering more information, constantly communicating and nurturing engagement, and ultimately driving better candidates, better advocates, and better hires for a lot less money.

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