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11 April 2014

How to effectively leverage past applicants

Posted by Nin Sandhu

How to effectively leverage past applicants

One of the biggest untapped sources of candidates that many organizations miss is their own past applicants. This is because legacy recruiting systems were never designed to search past applicants. As a result, most recruiters don’t bother to search it. This means many miss a potential goldmine of free, qualified candidates they could contact.

Modern Recruitment Marketing

As modern recruiting systems open up new capabilities and automate many recruiting tasks; recruiters can now be less reactive and focus on proactive recruiting efforts.

Recruitment should take a page from a modern marketer’s playbook. Why? If a marketer attended a tradeshow and came back with a 100 leads and only selected one to contact and tossed out the other 99, they would be ridiculed. This occurs in recruiting everyday. 100 candidates apply for a job and never get contacted again once that position is filled. Not to mention all the candidates that are never contacted at all! Put simply, they are forgotten in the ATS and the recruiter moves on to filling their next open job. Only to start again from scratch.

This mentality needs to change. Modern recruiting systems enable recruiters to market and advertise jobs to past candidates in an entirely different way.

Recruiters need to think like marketers and begin to nurture past candidates. These individuals have expressed in one of your jobs, but who is to say that other jobs, now or in the future, wouldn’t be a great fit too? As a marketer, you would slowly drip content to your leads to keep them engaged to the point where they are ready to buy from you.

Recruiters can follow the exact same process by creating recruitment marketing campaigns that keep past applicants in the loop about current opportunities, upcoming career fairs, company news, and more. The key to doing this well is to make sure that the marketing message provides value to the candidates on topics that are of interest to the target market. It can’t be just job ads. This process allows recruiters to freely market their jobs to an engaged candidate base, saving the recruiter time and advertising costs. Odds are that eventually a job will show up that interests your nurtured candidates into applying, letting you fill your jobs faster.

What to look for in a best-in-class modern recruiting solution

As recruitment marketing becomes more integrated into talent acquisition strategies, here are some tips on what to look for to identify a best-in-class recruiting solution. It should offer multi-channel sourcing capabilities that include integrated search into your own ATS and also provide core recruitment marketing capabilities such as:

  • Ability to create targeted talent lists
  • Mass email capabilities to targeted talent
  • Out-of-the-box customization and brandable email templates
  • Ability to link to jobs or join a talent network
  • Analytics to track talent engagement

These capabilities, when augmented with other supported sourcing channels, will let recruiters start building strategic talent nurturing campaigns to keep known talent engaged with your jobs and employer brand.

By strategically building an internal centralized pool of known talent, organizations will have a competitive edge in identifying the best talent faster, market to them freely and fill their jobs sooner.

Talemetry delivers access to all available channels of talent, real-time hiring analytics and reporting, and provides an exceptional recruiter and candidate experience – all on one platform. As an Oracle Platinum Partner, Talemetry has a proven track record of delivering better insight and reducing costs in hundreds of enterprise organizations. Its market leading recruitment marketing and sourcing suite is a cloud-based application that provides bi-directional integration with Taleo, PeopleSoft, and other leading ATS platforms.

If you would like to see how Talemetry’s recruitment marketing and sourcing suite can help your organization re-engage your past applicants, click here to sign up for a quick demo!

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