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18 October 2016

Diversity Hiring Using a Recruitment Marketing Platform

Posted by Team Talemetry

Diversity hiring and recruitment marketing platforms are hot topics these days, but at first glance, they seem to be fairly unrelated.

That’s what Reese’s used to think about chocolate and peanut butter.

The fact is that modern recruitment marketing platforms, with their combination of job advertising, sourcing, CRM, candidate experience, and analytics capabilities, offer a highly effective platform for managing, growing, and accurately measuring diversity hiring efforts.

At the heart of recruitment marketing platforms lie three core capabilities that support your diversity hiring needs:Close up of a man selecting a profile picture on digital screen-1.jpeg

  1. Process automation. Recruitment marketing platforms provide centralized automation of advertising and sourcing programs. This allows organizations to automatically distribute open jobs to diversity sources and automatically source from diversity-focused talent pools.
  2. Targeted candidate experiences. Recruitment marketing platforms allow organizations to create landing pages, career sites, talent networks, and apply processes targeted to diverse candidates.
  3. Source to hire analytics. A good recruitment marketing platform will provide metrics for every source, program, and campaign to understand where your diversity candidates are coming from and which sources are resulting in diversity hires.

These three core capabilities allow you to ensure your jobs are getting out to diversity sources and understand how effective your diversity hiring efforts are.

How Does It Work?

With a the right recruitment marketing platform, your diversity candidate acquisition programs might look like this:

Advertising. A good solution will automatically post jobs to job boards, social networks, and agencies without the intervention of a recruiter. Therefore it is simple to set it up so that each time a requisition is opened, it automatically gets posted to diversity sources starting a flow of diverse applicants from minute one. Talemetry, for example, partners with Direct Employers for full service diversity and inclusion services.

Get The Recruitment Marketing Handbook Free DownloadSourcing. Similarly, a capable recruitment marketing platform will initiate outbound candidate searches based on which job family a requisition belongs to. In this case, the system can initiate a search of diversity resume databases and automatically email invitations to apply to diverse candidates once a job requisition is opened. This kind of centralized, automated sourcing ensures a diverse candidate pool for every open job, without relying on manual sourcing from your recruiters.

Candidate CRM and candidate engagement. As an organization automates the process of acquiring diverse candidates, the proprietary CRM database becomes stocked with a more diverse talent pool. As this diverse talent pool grows and gets optimized, becoming a valuable resource for everyday hiring, it increases the diversity of candidates available for each job. Diverse candidates become visible to recruiters, ensuring diversity and inclusion programs, and goals become top of mind.

Candidate experience. Recruitment marketing platforms allow you create targeted sub-pages to your main career site that can be focused on your diversity candidates. This showcases your commitment to a diverse workforce and allows you to provide relevant content to diverse candidates, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. You can also tailor email campaigns and landing pages to the diverse candidates within your internal and external talent sources.

Analytics. Because you’ve automated your diversity hiring outreach and tailored landing pages for diversity candidates, you can get a complete view of how many candidates you’ve acquired, understand how effective your website is at converting them to applicants, measure how many get through to the interview stage, and see what percentage get hired. You can also analyze which recruiters are most effective at hiring diverse candidates and see the activities resulting in the most diverse applicants and hires.

As with all important strategies that require a change in standard practice, standardization and automation are your friends. And, you can’t manage what you don’t measure, so a recruitment marketing platform that can support these core automation and measurement functions is a crucial piece of the puzzle.

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