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2 April 2014

How to Determine Your Most Effective Recruiting Channel

Posted by Nin Sandhu

Where do your best hires come from?

This is one of the most common questions a recruiter will be asked and it’s typically the most difficult question to answer. With the lack of complete recruiting analytics in most recruiting solutions, the volume of different sources and the difficulty to measure the things that matter, recruiters are most likely to answer this question based on what they like or whatever is easiest. The answer to the question demands being able to incorporate information on cost, time, and efficiency. So, how do you answer this question with a higher degree of certainty?

We plan to answer this question in a three part blog series, which will cover the concept of multi-channel recruiting, top challenges, and what metrics matter the most to determine your best source of hires.

Multi-Channel Recruiting

Top view of young businessman making decision diagram in air.jpeg

What is multi-channel recruiting? Similar to multi-channel marketing, it is essentially recruiters using many different recruiting channels to reach talent. These recruiting channels consist of a mix of both marketing and sourcing related activities or talent databases that recruiters can leverage to find talent. The figure below gives a breakdown of what this may look like for a typical organization.

As the number of possible sources of talent have increased, it’s important to note how recruiters have evolved into performing a mix of more modern recruitment marketing activities as a part of their talent acquisition strategy. When it comes to the concept of talent nurturing, we will discuss this marketing and recruiting relationship in more detail in future blog posts.

The concept of multi-channel recruiting isn’t new, but over the past few years the number of options within each channel available to recruiters has greatly increased. One would think the more available recruiting channels, the better, right? But, it has also made it more overwhelming, because how do you know which channels are the most effective for the positions you’re recruiting for? A recruiter’s time can be easily wasted on recruitment marketing or sourcing activities that yield no candidate engagement to their jobs. The important thing to understand is how you identify the right mix of recruiting channels that are relevant to your organization and the jobs you're recruiting for, so you can be more efficient and find talent faster.

Stay tuned for our next blog post, which will cover the typical challenges recruiters, managers, and companies can expect as they start to incorporate more in depth multi-channel recruiting activities into their talent acquisition process.

How Talemetry helps

Talemetry specializes in delivering access to all available channels of talent, real-time hiring analytics and reporting, and exceptional recruiter and candidate experiences – all on one platform. As an Oracle Platinum Partner, Talemetry has a proven track record of delivering better insight and reducing costs in hundreds of enterprise organizations. Its market leading Talent Generation Recruiting Suite is a cloud-based application that provides a bi-directional integration with Taleo, PeopleSoft, and other leading ATS platforms.

If you would like to see how Talemetry’s multi-channel sourcing solution can help you, click here to sign up for a quick fifteen minute demo.

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