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Data Driven Recruiting Strategies and Your Career

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30 November 2016

Data Driven Recruiting Strategies and Your Career

Posted by Team Talemetry

At a recent industry conference, one of Talemetry's clients presented their experience implementing new recruiting strategies with Talemetry's Recruitment Marketing Platform. It was a well received presentation and the room was packed.

This education industry client had a couple of key issues they were trying to solve. They were on a mission to become a top 5 research university, and talent attraction, retention, and development played a key role in this effort.

They went through several slides about how their online candidate experience was disjointed. How they had an inconsistent brand within each faculty subpages and how, as a research university, they needed to expand their reach and get better at recruiting internationally.


Spoiler alert: They implemented Talemetry's recruitment marketing platform and used the associated tools and analytics to achieve a 50% increase in applicants per job, increase career site traffic, and refine their job advertising to focus on their best and most cost effective sources. More on that here.

And something remarkable happened during their conference presentation. Someone asked about additional benefits of the system and the presenter casually mentioned that their use of Talemetry had boosted the recruiting department's profile within the university.

Administration leadership was so impressed with the metrics that the recruiting department used to justify their strategies and actions after acquiring Talemetry that they started to bring recruiting leadership into more strategic discussions. The approach that Recruiting took to using data to drive strategic talent acquisition recommendations and decisions was held up as a model for other departments.

The Data Driven Recruiting Revelation

This revelation was simply an afterthought during the presentation, but the audience lit up! Sure 50% more applicants and a world class candidate experience was interesting, but actually having the data to drive strategies and contribute to organizational direction was what everyone wanted to hear about.

Request Demo As recruiting organizations, we flit about the edge of that flame, mostly. Lack of visibility into what works and what doesn't is one of the most cited frustrations in recruiting. Your ATS has part of the data, recruiting vendors hold a piece, your HRIS holds a piece. But when it comes down to having a dialed-in dashboard to the overall success of your candidate acquisition programs and channels, few have achieved it.

This Holy Grail of recruiting metrics does exist in the form of recruitment marketing platforms like Talemetry that sit between your external candidates and recruiting vendors, and your ATS. Deep integration with your ATS is crucial.

It's the kind of technology that can raise the profile of your department, as evidenced by this Talemetry client. It can also elevate careers for those involved in bringing these solutions into organizations that live and die by their ability to get the right talent in the right seats.

For an in-depth look at how Talemetry can bring clear visibility into your recruiting organization, click here to request demo.

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