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24 May 2016

Career Sites – The More the Merrier

Posted by Team Talemetry

Perhaps you’ve heard of microsites. Microsites can be a lot of things, but one of the best uses of microsites is for targeting subsets of your main site visitors. You have a corporate macrosite, and your Careers page is a microsite that is connected to your corporate website but totally focused on candidates as opposed to customers or prospective customers. Makes sense, right? Your Careers page is a microsite with the purpose of fully targeting your potential candidates.

This allows you the freedom to maximize the messaging and content (jobs) for your specialized visitors to your main corporate career site.

For recruiters, your main site is your Careers page and it is optimized for candidates. But not all candidates are the same. A part-time customer services associate probably has very different interests and drivers than does a highly compensated full-time data scientist, but many organizations send each to the same Careers page and present them with the same benefits, the same jobs, the same employer value proposition, etc.

That may have worked a few years ago, but labor supply and demand, especially for specialized and high volume positions, has changed drastically. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that there are 1.5 active candidates for every open position. Not qualified candidates, just active. This ratio is projected to get worse and that means organizations need to adapt their recruiting tactics and resources to thrive in this new paradigm. This much is clear, organizations must:BlackBearCareerSites.jpg

  • Get good at recruiting candidates that are already employed
  • Provide consumer quality, relevant online experiences for potential candidates
  • Target candidates for key job families with relevant content (jobs, benefits, employee testimonials, etc.)
  • Make it easy for potential candidates to engage with you (forget about long applications)
  • Create long term relationships with potential applicants for future sourcing

Recruiting organizations need to identify which job families are strategically important to the company and cater to these candidates. They could be high volume or specialized positions. This is where microsites come in. By creating microsites that are targeted to these key job families, you can present more relevant information to potential candidates. These microsites don’t need to be islands, apart from your main careers page. You can call these microsites Career Paths or Career Channels on your Careers page menu so visitors to your Careers page can easily find the content and jobs that are most relevant to them

The important concept is structuring your online experience to be as targeted and relevant as possible to the candidates who fall under the job families that are crucial for you. Each targeted microsite should include:

  • Only jobs that are relevant to that target audience
  • Visuals showing employees enjoying the work performed by this target audience
  • Relevant selling points for the target profession
  • Employee testimonials focused on these targeted roles
  • A talent network targeted to the individual job family with a targeted value proposition and an easy signup process (“Sign up to get early notification of relevant jobs and regular updates on developments in your field”).
  • Targeted application forms that are more relevant to each job family

Benefits of Targeted Career Sites New Call-to-action

With targeted microsites focused on your key job families you are now able to monitor traffic and visitor-to-applicant conversion rates so you can optimize each site for higher conversion (read: More applicants!). You can be creative in developing focused content like videos and announcements of achievements for employees within the job families, testimonials, inside looks at what it’s like to work in a specific department or division, etc.

With the right career site tool, you can also adapt these career microsites into targeted landing pages for specific campaigns like job fairs, email campaigns, digital ad campaigns, and more. Any marketer will tell you that the more you can target your online experience to the specific visitor, the better your response will be, and the more candidates you’ll get for your jobs.

With the best candidates in high demand, it’s simply no longer feasible to treat them all alike and expect them to spend a lot of time finding your jobs and figuring out where they fit in your organization. Organizations that intend to compete effectively for talent need to focus on their candidate experience and make sure they have the tools in place to supported multiple, targeted candidate experiences both online and within the hiring process.

For more information about providing targeted, consumer quality candidate experiences, check out this Talemetry webinar replay and download this free report: Candidate Experience Strategy Snapshot.  

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