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6 August 2015

Career Sites Must Provide a Positive Candidate Experience

Posted by Team Talemetry

While candidates may interact with your company across many channels, recruitment marketers know that a company’s career site is where the majority of the action is happening. In many cases a company’s career site is where candidates get an important first or second impression of the company. If a candidate is going to take the next step and apply, their experience on the site must be a good one.

Here are just a few main things that today’s top candidates are expecting on your career site:

A positive user experience

candidate-experienceIf your site doesn’t have a fresh, modern look and it’s difficult to navigate, candidates will quickly leave, or “bounce”, from the site, never to return again. No matter how great your company may be, the candidate is already turned off by your outdated and unorganized website that reflects poorly on your company as a whole. Remember, candidates are on your site for one reason. They are searching for a job. Make it easy for them to do so by providing a prominent and intuitive job search feature. Because the majority of job seekers are now searching on a mobile device, it’s also imperative that your career site is mobile-friendly.

A personalized experience

Candidates will take note of the companies that go above and beyond. Define target candidate segments and create different career sites for different personas to ensure that candidates are receiving only the information that is most relevant to them. Personalize candidate engagement with the targeted jobs, messaging, and benefits that are most attractive to each target. Suggest related jobs, testimonials, and company information based on job search results.

A simple application process

New Call-to-action Companies with a complex application process are seeing application completion rates as low as 10% or less. That’s a lot of lost candidates and missed opportunities. There is no need to ask for data from candidates that isn’t necessary in the early stages of the application process, like a social security number, for example. Asking for too much information up front can be a turn off to those who are protective of their information. For others, it’s simply a matter of not having the time to fill out a complex form. Determine the minimum data set needed to begin the process with a candidate and auto-send links to additional forms as candidates move through stages in your ATS.

Take a close look at your site. Does it have all of the items listed above? If not, it’s time to invest in an upgrade. If your site lacks these crucial elements it means that candidates are having a negative experience with your brand during the initial research and application process.

There are several key practices that can dramatically improve candidate experience and allow you to measure the impact of candidate satisfaction efforts. To learn more about what candidates are looking for and what the key practices are that will improve candidate experience, download Talemetry’s free Candidate Experience Solution Snapshot.

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