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Candidate Sourcing -- I Don't Have Time to Be Proactive

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22 June 2016

Candidate Sourcing – I Don’t Have Time to be Proactive

Posted by Team Talemetry

Candidate supply is falling far short of demand these days. And the situation is not likely to get better any time soon, so many recruiting organizations are going through a transition to more proactive searching.

It makes sense. Today, the right candidates are more and more likely to be employed by someone else and less likely to be searching typical attraction channels like job boards.  

This transition requires a stronger focus on outbound sourcing, which can be a challenge for organizations that don’t already have an established sourcing function. And, as the title suggests, many organizations feel like outbound sourcing is too time consuming.Reactive-vs-Proactive_s.jpg

Creating a stronger focus on sourcing requires recruiters with a different mindset from typical full-cycle recruiters. It also requires several timesaving components to be successful:

Accessible Talent Pools

Typical sources for talent include past applicants from your ATS, external resume databases like Indeed or Careerbuilder, talent communities like LinkedIn, talent networks and resumes from events or other sources. Chances are you have access to many of these sources, but you probably don’t have easy, searchable access to all of them across your recruiting team. One of the keys to being more proactive is consolidating all your talent sources together in one, easily searchable talent pool.

This saves time and leverages all your past applicants, external sources, etc. so all your recruiters can easily access talent without having to be Boolean assassins.

Source-First Orientation

Once you have your talent pools consolidated, your entire organizational focus should be on growing your talent pool and making it your #1 source of hires. That takes a change of habit for organizations that are accustomed to advertising or tapping an agency every time they have problems filling a position.

Growing your talent pool helps make proactive sourcing second nature. If your orientation is all about mining a growing proprietary talent source, and it’s easy to do, then you are halfway towards changing your culture.

Auto-Searching Download Free Predictable Hiring Handbook

You say you don’t have time to proactively source? Let your technology take over for you. Yes, there are Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) systems that will search all your talent sources round the clock and let you know when they find great candidates. You simply teach the system the qualifications of the candidates you are looking for, tell it how many candidates you want and it will regularly tap all your sources and email you when it pulls new candidates into your system. It’s a great way to grow that centralized talent pool and make sure that high-demand positions always have plenty of qualified candidates in the pipeline.

This frees up recruiters to focus on qualifying candidates rather than spending endless time searching and organizing profiles.

These are just a few ways to make proactive sourcing easier for your organization. For more information, check out this free report: Strategic CRM for Recruiting, or download the free eBook Predictable Hiring, Your Roadmap to More Proactive, Scalable and Predictable Recruiting.


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