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23 October 2013

How Big Data Is Changing Recruiting

Posted by JamesT

As the concept of “Big Data” becomes more mainstream, it’s important for hiring organizations to understand what it can do for recruiting efforts. Big Data precepts make it easy for organizations to take the vast amounts of information they have and make it work for them in new ways. Today we’ll take a look at what’s made these deeper analytics possible, and what that means for organizations that want to use them.

Big Data: How Did We Get Here?

First of all, technology has changed. Advances in software, in-memory databases, hardware, data centers, and networks make it possible to access hundreds of millions of records -- resumes, profiles, job openings and so on -- instantly. But it’s important to remember that it’s not about the speed -- it’s about the how the information that can be manipulated to find the insight and answers your organization needs.

Progress in technology brings with it changes in expectations. As more powerful software makes it possible to view more information at once, users begin to expect more -- they want to have all their data in one place.

The user experience expectation has changed forever. People want the complexity hidden in the modern user interface so they can focus on the one task that matters. They want to be able to sort, rank and filter hundreds of millions of records as if it was just a few data points. While Big Data isn’t all about accessing information more quickly, that’s certainly one of the results, making searches and analyses easier and more efficient.

And finally, people want to be able to make predictions from the all the data they already have combined with data they can access from across the web and internal systems. Which job boards get more responses for certain openings? Which career microsites are more likely to receive complete applications from job candidates? Where are the best candidates coming from?

What Big Data Means for Recruiting

These advances have in turn driven the development of integrated talent generation solutions that bring unprecedented access to information and analysis to the search for talent.

  • Use ALL available candidate information. Not only is all of this candidate data combined, it’s easy to search, index, access and manipulate. Job profiles, skills listings, social interactions, and information from resumes and social profiles is standardized across the software platform so it’s easy to work with. By applying end to end source-to-hire analytics to the job candidate data, hiring teams can track candidates, make predictions, eliminate any duplicate efforts and find the best candidates.

  • Personalized candidate experiences. Hiring organizations can design intuitive and branded user interfaces that improve candidate experience through personalization by role, skill, location, level, etc.. The ability to create custom workflows for different roles, add screening questions, and track and analyze the effectiveness of different workflows leads to a better candidate experience where more of the right applicants move through the hiring process. These custom portals also ensure that your hiring organization is getting the information you need, when you need it, in order to make a decision instantly.

Big Data isn’t about being faster. It’s about applying huge amounts of data to a specific business problem: finding better candidates faster. A software solution like Talemetry brings all relevant candidate data and the analytics understand and optimize your recruiting challenges, getting you the right candidates you want for your organization.

Talemetry delivers all the tools recruiters need to find, attract, and engage the talent they need today – and tomorrow – in a single, simple and social cloud-based solution. As the leading provider of talent generation solutions, the Talemetry software-as-a-service (SaaS) suite includes talent sourcing & CRM, job broadcasting, career sites and candidate application solutions. Schedule a demo today to learn how Talemetry can help you find better talent faster.


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