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30 July 2014

Avoiding Candidate Drop-Off

Posted by Talemetry Today

Earlier this month Talemetry released new reporting and analytics capabilities in our software that allow companies to delve deeper into their online job application process. 

This is an important advancement in our recruitment marketing and sourcing platform. We know from talking to hundreds of customers that knowing where drop-off occurs is crucial to most executives.

Do you know where and when and why the best candidate for your job dropped out of your online application process?

Our customers asked: “Why are online applicants dropping off and not completing our application process?” We developed this enhanced capability in response.

Talemetry looked at all aspects of the application process and developed new reporting and analytics features to help our customers answer this question definitively and improve their processes based on the information.

Our customers can really dig down into the real reasons why candidates are abandoning the application and find out exactly what is frightening candidates away from completing their applications:

  • Is it the background check request?
  • The weight lifting requirement?
  • A bad “Welcome" page?
  • What if we went from 15 qualifying questions to 5? Would that help?

Talemetry’s new reporting tools allow you to see exactly what is causing the drop-off rate so that you can make informed choices about where to improve your application process to better streamline, target, and capture a greater volume of the right high-quality applicants you want. ApplyWorkflow

In aggregate, Talemetry is able to look at what is working across industries, geographical locations, and specific strategies. This allows us to help our customers remove friction in the process while maintaining secure collection of the right information for recruiters to make decisions. This is important because:

  • Outside of salaries, the money spent on job advertising via posting on job boards such as Monster, CareerBuilder, or LinkedIn, is one of the highest line items for most recruiting teams. According to a recent survey by SHRM, companies with between 1,000 and 10,000 employees, spend, on average, nearly $50,000 per year on job advertising. Obviously there is a huge waste of time and resources if candidates drop off and never finish the application process.
  • Agencies are a great resource for “hard to find” talent, but what if the perfect candidate tried to apply and was turned off by the application process? It’s not always worth agency fees of 20% of first year salary if the perfect candidate already found you but due to a “candidate hostile” application process, didn’t complete and come in directly.
  • First impressions online are as important as in real life. A bad application or onboarding process will turn away the best candidates and bad experiences will likely be shared via social media.

Given that most of the organizations we work with are in very competitive markets for skilled talent, it is critical that candidates get a streamlined experience when they’re both looking for jobs and applying for jobs.

A level one trauma hospital we work with realized a 14.2% increase in visitor to applicant conversion rate in their first quarter this year. When coupled with a 36% year over year increase in overall website visitors and a 50% increase in organic (free) traffic via SEO, they now have a significantly higher quality pool of talent to work with.

Interested in knowing more about how Talemetry can help you pinpoint issues in your application chain?

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by Kevin Mease, Product Manager, Talemetry


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