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Automated Recruiting: A Day in the Life of the Automated Recruiter

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3 August 2016

Automated Recruiting: A Day in the Life of the Automated Recruiter

Posted by Team Talemetry

I rolled out of bed around 6am, the alarm clock on my phone coaxing me into reality. As I silence the beckon-call of a new day, my finger slips automatically to my email notifications. Junk, junk, meeting change...what’s this? Looks like I have 23 new candidates for a job I didn’t even knew existed when I slipped into a fitful sleep the night before.

Automated recruiting. I can hit the ground running. As I scroll down the email list, I can see that a U.S. based data scientist job had been created by our team in Europe and assigned to me. Scroll, scroll, scroll. Looks like a tough “get,” but at least I have 23 potential candidates in the cue when I get to work. They must have set up an automatic search that will scan all our talent sources and grab profiles for appropriate candidates from now until the position closes.

As the coffee cleared the fog that shrouded my awakening brain, I scrolled through a few of the data scientist profiles for a quality check. A couple of past applicants that were nearly hired, several employees from a few of our competitors, and some resumes from our paid databases that looked good enough to download. I made a mental note to dig deeper when I got to my big screen, gathered my belongings, and made my way down a long and congested highway to work.RecruiterAuto.jpg

After working through my email backlog, I turned my attention to the data scientist job. Logging into my candidate relationship management system, I navigated to my newest requisition. “Whoa!” I said it out loud. There were not just the 23 candidates that I had seen through the haze of earlier hours. I now had 52 total candidates. Where did the others come from?

I clicked through to the activities tab for the job and I can see that it had been posted to Dice, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Direct Employers automatically when the req was opened. Now applicants were rolling in. “Nice,” I said to myself this time. Always good to hit the ground running.

I did a quick sort to hone in on the initial 23 candidates that had been automatically sourced by my CRM system. Got it. Want it. Want it. Got it. Want it...I narrowed the list down to 16, thinking to myself 16 out of 23 is not bad at all. I’ll take it.

I clicked a button and selected an email template we use to invite candidates to apply for positions and hit “send.” As if prompted by the click of the button, a deep yawn escaped my throat. Time for more coffee.

I had several meetings and an off site lunch. It was close to three when I returned to my desk to stay. Several of the candidates I emailed earlier in the day had clicked through and applied for the job. I did a quick run through of all the applicants and selected a tidy dozen that I wanted to talk with. So I clicked my trusty email button, mail merged my online scheduling link into an email template and invited them all to phone interviews.

Time to circle back on the rest of my jobs. Request Demo

The buzzing from my mobile phone startled me. Shoot! It’s 6:45 and I am due in town for a dinner with friends. No time to waste. As I descend the escalator into the lobby I check my schedule for tomorrow. “Nice!” Four phone interviews for the data scientist req, one with that woman I had my eye on from our largest competitor. Hmmm. Might need some extra comp room for that one.

As I started the car and headed into the dusk, I couldn’t help but think that I got a lot accomplished on that purple squirrel that came out of nowhere this morning. Just another day in the life of The Automated Recruiter.

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