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17 April 2018

ICYMI: Evolve Recruitment Marketing Webinar Recap and Key Takeaways

Posted by Team Talemetry

Last Thursday we hosted a thought-provoking webinar that examined how organizations should evaluate the effectiveness of their own recruitment marketing strategy, processes, and technologies. Featuring George LaRocque, Principal Analyst and Founder, HRWins Reports on HR Technology Innovation, and Pete Sanidas, Vice President, Enterprise Sales, Talemetry, the Evolve Recruitment Marketing discussion focused on the framework for maturity and efficiency within recruitment marketing organizations, and gave practical steps for prioritizing your investments to drive performance for the future.

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Topics: recruitment marketing

4 April 2018

Top 10 Analytics to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy

Posted by Team Talemetry

One of the most important things you can do to prove the strategic value of recruitment marketing in your organization is to understand, measure, and report on the right metrics. Remember, data and analytics are only as good as their ability to guide your decision making for smarter recruiting and for continuous improvement across your recruitment function. So what are the best ways you can measure recruitment marketing ROI?

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Topics: recruitment marketing, recruiting analytics

28 March 2018

The Four Levels of Recruitment Marketing Maturity You Need to Know

Posted by Team Talemetry


The French philosopher and 1927 Nobel Prize winner in literature Henri Bergson once said, “To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.” While the process of maturity may seem daunting to some, it’s a challenge readily accepted by others. And that’s often the case in recruitment marketing. Some organizations have reached the place where their recruiting strategies and processes are well-oiled and highly sophisticated. Continuous improvement is the game. But for many other companies, the maturity process is limited. They lack understanding of how to change or move their recruiting organization to the next level.

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Topics: recruitment marketing, framework

22 March 2018

How to Get Your Recruitment Marketing In Shape

Posted by Team Talemetry


The 122nd Boston Marathon will take place on April 16 this year. And just as in previous years, when the marathon comes around, I find myself marveling at the sea of runners who have qualified for the race. Each time a runner crosses the finish line, I am astounded by the stamina, training, and discipline it takes to reach that point. The personal journeys that led each finisher to the Boston Marathon are pretty extensive. And it’s clear that no individual at the marathon had just started running in the days or weeks before. Instead, it took careful planning, training, eating right, learning technique, and working up to the marathon itself. Countless hours of cross-training, running smaller races—5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons—mental conditioning, and building a support network were all part of the road that led to this point. In other words, the runner is optimized. At peak performance in all areas.

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Topics: recruitment marketing, recruitment, webinars, attraction, integration

8 March 2018

Is CRM Dead? How AI Changes the Future of Recruiting Relationship Management

Posted by Team Talemetry

AI + CRM: What happens when you take these two terms and put them together? AI is no doubt the buzzword of the day. And many recruiting technology vendors want to talk about CRM (and for good reason, it’s delivering tremendous value). But trying to just merge them together without a good understanding leaves many a recruiter with clicks, eyeballs, and lots of market chatter. Actual, tangible recruitment marketing results? Well, that depends.

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Topics: CRM, ai

6 March 2018

How Google for Jobs will impact your candidate experience in 2018

Posted by Team Talemetry

One of the biggest impacts to the recruiting industry in 2017 was the introduction of Google for Jobs. Even before Google for Jobs was released, 73% of job seekers were beginning their job searches on Google. Google has taken their great search technology and is attempting to help workers find the best job opportunities for them.

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Topics: jobs, job boards, Candidate Attraction, cx, google, hiring trends, recruiting strategies, job applications, ai

28 February 2018

Diversity and Inclusion Panel Discussion Takeaways

Posted by Team Talemetry

On Friday Talemetry hosted a panel discussion webinar with experts to discuss how to source and attract more diverse candidates. Our panelists included Dean Da Costa, author of Thesearchauthority, Lori Sylvia, Founder and CEO of Rally Recruitment Marketing, and Stephen Schwander, Director of Client Solutions for Talemetry.

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Topics: CRM, diversity, recruitment crm

14 February 2018

What to Look for in a Recruitment Marketing Implementation Partner

Posted by Team Talemetry

More than 50% of IT projects are failing today. Software implementations, including recruitment marketing implementations, can fail completely, be significantly delayed, or simply not deliver expected results. Early adopters of recruitment marketing learned the importance of having a dependable, proven vendor. Many early adopters worked with technology companies who weren’t able to deliver all that they promised. The vendor told a good story, but when the time came, implementation dates were missed, and results not delivered. The reasons implementations fail can vary but some of those reasons include:

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Topics: recruitment marketing, software implementation

7 February 2018

Graduating to a Master’s in Recruitment Marketing

Posted by Team Talemetry

Recruitment marketing has rapidly evolved and grown from being a nice to have to a core talent acquisition function, as well as a necessity to build proactive pipelines of well-qualified candidates.

The earliest adopters were pioneers in the industry, working with disparate systems and processes. These early adopters were critical to the evolution of now maturing functions. Early adopters may have had one product for social recruiting, another system for email marketing, painstakingly difficult databases of “bought” candidates with extremely limited and out-of-date data -- yet a desire to do it all better.

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Topics: talent acquisition technology, recruitment marketing, candidate conversion

6 February 2018

Key Takeaways from 2018 Talent Acquisition Trends Webinar with Aptitude Research Partners

Posted by Team Talemetry

Last week Talemetry hosted a webinar with Madeline Laurano of Aptitude Research Partners. Madeline shared her insights into what 2018 talent acquisition trends would matter and her recommendations for leading organizations to get the most value from those trends based on Aptitude’s primary industry research.

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Topics: recruiting trends, candidate experience, ai

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