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14 February 2018

What to Look for in a Recruitment Marketing Implementation Partner

Posted by Team Talemetry

More than 50% of IT projects are failing today. Software implementations, including recruitment marketing implementations, can fail completely, be significantly delayed, or simply not deliver expected results. Early adopters of recruitment marketing learned the importance of having a dependable, proven vendor. Many early adopters worked with technology companies who weren’t able to deliver all that they promised. The vendor told a good story, but when the time came, implementation dates were missed, and results not delivered. The reasons implementations fail can vary but some of those reasons include:

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Topics: recruitment marketing, software implementation

7 February 2018

Graduating to a Master’s in Recruitment Marketing

Posted by Team Talemetry

Recruitment marketing has rapidly evolved and grown from being a nice to have to a core talent acquisition function, as well as a necessity to build proactive pipelines of well-qualified candidates.

The earliest adopters were pioneers in the industry, working with disparate systems and processes. These early adopters were critical to the evolution of now maturing functions. Early adopters may have had one product for social recruiting, another system for email marketing, painstakingly difficult databases of “bought” candidates with extremely limited and out-of-date data -- yet a desire to do it all better.

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Topics: talent acquisition technology, recruitment marketing, candidate conversion

6 February 2018

Key Takeaways from 2018 Talent Acquisition Trends Webinar with Aptitude Research Partners

Posted by Team Talemetry

Last week Talemetry hosted a webinar with Madeline Laurano of Aptitude Research Partners. Madeline shared her insights into what 2018 talent acquisition trends would matter and her recommendations for leading organizations to get the most value from those trends based on Aptitude’s primary industry research.

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Topics: recruiting trends, candidate experience, ai

31 January 2018

How to Attract More Diverse Candidates

Posted by Team Talemetry

An organization’s success and competitiveness depends upon its ability to embrace diversity and realize the benefits.

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Topics: Candidate Attraction, diversity

29 January 2018

Improve Candidate Quality in Your Oracle ATS with a CRM

Posted by Team Talemetry

You're probably familiar with customer relationship management (CRM) software, which businesses use to manage interactions with both current and potential customers. Now allow us to introduce its close cousin, candidate relationship management (CRM), a category of software that helps recruiters track all of the information and tasks associated with candidate interaction.

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Topics: CRM, taleo, recruitment crm

24 January 2018

Go Beyond Keyword Searching to Get More Value from Your Taleo Database

Posted by Team Talemetry

“We need to go beyond keyword searching to get the most out of our Taleo database. We know that we have excellent candidates in our talent pool but we can’t effectively source them back into our pipeline.”

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Topics: taleo, ATS, recruitment marketing, oracle, apply process

10 January 2018

2017 Recruitment Marketing's Most Memorable Moments

Posted by Team Talemetry

2017 was a great year for recruitment marketing (and Talemetry). We are excited to be part of this innovative industry, helping to get more of the right candidates to the right jobs and drive organizational success. Here are six top influences that helped drive the maturity of recruitment marketing in 2017:

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Topics: hr technology, recruitment marketing trends

14 December 2017

Take Control of Your LinkedIn Investment

Posted by Team Talemetry

LinkedIn is an amazing source of candidates. With 500 million members, you are sure to find the right candidates for your jobs.

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Topics: candidate sourcing, recruitment marketing, linkedin

6 December 2017

Getting Winning Candidates Across the Finish Line

Posted by Team Talemetry

You’ve run great campaigns and have attracted great candidates to your website. Now you just need to get the winning candidates across the finish line. What are some best practices to ensure your candidates are converting?

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Topics: Candidate Attraction

13 November 2017

Conversion Process Results Sneak Peek

Posted by Team Talemetry

70-80% candidate drop off. That’s what many companies find in their application conversion process. Just think about it. All the investment your company has made into recruiting, and you’re losing 70-80% of your candidates once they get to your career site.

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Topics: candidate experience, recruitment marketing, candidate conversion

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