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12 July 2018

Why Career Site Visitor Behavior Matters to Candidate Conversion

Posted by Team Talemetry

In the world of B2B or B2C marketing, digital marketers are constantly measuring data and analytics around website visitor behavior. Understanding where visitors are spending their time, what content they are viewing most, and what pages they are interacting with is essential in knowing how to engage with potential customers in future interactions. The modern marketer recognizes that the way in which visitors interact with their digital and web content determines how the relationship may progress and develop over time.

So how can recruiters learn from this perspective? Let’s start off with the basics by first examining why your career site is so important to recruitment.

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Topics: CRM, candidate conversion, career site, career site visitor behavior

9 July 2018

Three Tips for Making the Recruitment Process More Collaborative

Posted by Team Talemetry

Picture this. You’re a recruiter and you’re ready to start looking for a consultant for your financial services company. The position is new to you and you’re working with a hiring manager that you haven’t interacted with much previously. Based on the job description, you feel fairly confident that you know what type of candidate to look for. But as you start identifying potential candidates that you think the hiring manager will really be interested in, you keep getting push back that the candidates don’t have the right skills or background. After several interviews, you can sense the frustration from the hiring manager that you’re not providing type of candidates with the right knowledge, abilities or experience level. Communication starts to break down. You’re frustrated, and so is the hiring manager. It’s been more than month and you still haven’t delivered the ideal candidate.

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Topics: making recruiting more collaborative, hiring manager frustration, collaborative recruitment

28 June 2018

Five Ways to Personalize the Candidate Experience

Posted by Team Talemetry

As consumers, we have come to expect personalized experiences in our interactions with companies that reflect our own interests, tastes and demands. We have more purchasing options and power than ever before, and require marketers to engage us at our own individual level rather than appealing to us en masse. And that’s why companies, like Amazon and Netflix, who design and deliver individualized content are the most successful in today’s challenging consumer market.

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Topics: recruiting ai, Personalizing the candidate experience, why content personalization matters, personalized career site content, personalized candidate experience, talent segment

25 June 2018

How Can You Convert More Candidates Using Google Cloud Job Discovery?

Posted by Team Talemetry

Converting candidates into applicants is one of the most important, but most challenging steps in recruitment. And as every recruiter and talent acquisition professional knows, eliminating barriers to conversion is essential to increasing candidate conversion rates. For most organizations today, application conversion rates typically reach only 20 to 30 percent. And that is a huge missed opportunity to find, connect with and hire the right talent.

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Topics: Cloud Job Discovery, using Cloud Job Discovery, integration with Cloud Job Discovery, eliminating barriers to candidate conversion, partnership between Talemetry and Google, maximizing career site traffic, converting candidates into applicants

19 June 2018

Three Reasons Texting Should Be Part of Your Candidate Communication Strategy

Posted by Team Talemetry

If you’re in recruitment, then you’re always seeking better ways to enhance the candidate experience and improve recruiting efficiencies. So it seems obvious that when a new tool makes it easier and faster to communicate with candidates, you should jump right on it. Enter the world of SMS/texting for recruitment. While consumer texting has been around for many years, it’s a newer concept applied between recruiters and candidates. But before we examine the three key reasons you should consider adopting texting as a core candidate communication strategy, let’s take a look at the popularity of texting today based on recent trends and data.

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Topics: Candidate communication strategy, how to get better candidate response rates, candidate texting, how to communicate directly with candidates, better candidate engagement, candidate response rates

14 June 2018

Yale New Haven Health (YNHHS) Selects Talemetry to Integrate Technologies and Drive Results

Posted by Team Talemetry

Vancouver, BC, June 14, 2018 – Talemetry, the leader in results-driven recruitment marketing, today announced that Yale New Haven Health (YNHHS) has selected Talemetry as its recruitment marketing platform provider. YNHHS selected the Talemetry platform for integration capabilities to its new applicant tracking system and to address recruiting gaps and challenges that existed in the health organization. 

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Topics: talent database, recruitment marketing platform, recruitment marketing strategies, recruitment funnel, Yale New Haven Health, source-to-hire analytics

13 June 2018

How Do You Increase Application Conversion Rates From Indeed?

Posted by Team Talemetry

Finding top talent and connecting with candidates is more costly and more time consuming than ever before. It’s estimated that in the U.S. alone, organizations spend more than $160 billion annually in recruiting for open positions. SHRM reports the average cost per hire is now at more than $4,100. And in 2015, Deloitte put time-to-hire at an average of around 52 days—up from just 19 days in 2000.

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Topics: application process, candidate conversion, indeed, Increasing application conversion rates, integrated recruitment marketing, Indeed Apply, improving candidate experience

8 June 2018

How to Shift Your Recruitment Marketing Approach to Improve Results

Posted by Team Talemetry

Modern recruitment is modern marketing. But to start thinking like a marketer, you have to make a fundamental shift in how you approach your recruitment strategies. During last week’s webinar with Cameron Laker, CEO and Co-Founder of Mindfield, a leading RPO provider for hourly employers, and Peter Clare, SVP and GM of Talemetry, making this transformation was front and center in their discussion.

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Topics: talent database, recruitment marketing platform, improving recruitment performance, improving application conversion, recruitment funnel, metrics that impact recruiting

5 June 2018

Five Big Takeaways from EBrandCon You Need to Know

Posted by Team Talemetry

If you were in sunny San Diego at the end of May for the Employer Branding Strategies Conference, or EBrandCon as we all call it, then you were probably just as pumped as we were to be part of such an outstanding event. EBrandCon offered an incredible line-up of speakers and thought-provoking presentations that reinforced the importance of investing in and building a strong employer brand. The conference also made clear that this is a really exciting time to be in employer branding and recruitment marketing. And we couldn’t agree more.

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Topics: candidate experience, EBrandCon, employer brand, organizational culture, recruitment messaging, EVP, evolution of employer branding, personalized content strategies, building stronger employer brand

30 May 2018

Five Ways To Challenge The Recruitment Marketing Status Quo

Posted by Team Talemetry

The great Warren Bennis once said ‘The manager accepts the status quo; the leader challenges it.’ Nothing could be truer in the modern recruitment marketing landscape. Some recruiting organizations today are nervous that rethinking their recruitment marketing strategies, processes and technologies will somehow upset the approach they have in place to find candidates. They are scared to try something new despite the mediocre performance and recruiting outcomes they may achieve. They are immature in their thinking, or lack the knowledge and understanding of how to get past outdated recruiting strategies. In other words, they accept the status quo.

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Topics: recruitment marketing platform, recruitment marketing processes, How to improve recruitment marketing, How to impact recruitment outcomes, trends in recruitment marketing, New recruitment marketing strategies

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