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21 November 2013

The Evolution of CRM for Customers and Candidates

Posted by JamesT

This week, the leading cloud software vendor announced Salesforce1. A platform designed to build applications to better support customer relationships. The concept is to think about all the different touch points you have with customers and allow them to interact with you on their terms, when they want it, how they want with the ultimate goal of generating long term, profitable customer advocates.

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15 November 2013

Recruiting Technology News: Measuring Recruiting Performance

Posted by JamesT

Every day we at Talemetry collect data for hundreds of thousands of candidate application experiences, job posting spend and performance, career site and social media traffic, and more. However, as with any data, the real question that needs answering is 'what are you going to do differently as a result of the data'? If you are just gathering it because you are interested, or just think you should, you likely aren't going to get the most of your recruiting analytics.

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Topics: Talemetry Today, Recruitment Marketing & Branding, Talent Trends

29 October 2013

Talemetry Product Focus: Job Lists and Actions (or...I have a role to fill, now what?)

Posted by JamesT

When we look at a typical ‘day in the life’ of a recruiter the tasks may vary, the activities may vary, and of course the results may vary. But what doesn’t change is the fundamental challenge of finding, attracting, and engaging candidates and getting them to express interest and apply for jobs.

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Topics: Recruitment Marketing & Branding, candidate sourcing, Talent Trends, talent generation, social recruiting, ATS, recruitment marketing, Talemetry Product News

23 October 2013

How Big Data Is Changing Recruiting

Posted by JamesT

As the concept of “Big Data” becomes more mainstream, it’s important for hiring organizations to understand what it can do for recruiting efforts. Big Data precepts make it easy for organizations to take the vast amounts of information they have and make it work for them in new ways. Today we’ll take a look at what’s made these deeper analytics possible, and what that means for organizations that want to use them.

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Topics: Talemetry Today, talent management, analytics, recruiting, big data

21 October 2013

HR Tech 2013: The State of the HR Technology Market

Posted by JamesT

Walking onto the HR Tech expo hall floor is a confusing and intimidating experience for most HR technology buyers. When the doors to the expo hall opened, there was a lot to see: big booths, shiny new products, and many, many disparate technology pieces. As a buyer, it's overwhelming: lots of vendors and products, some whose technology overlap, all using the same industry buzzwords to tell completely different stories.

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Topics: recruiting technology, Talent Trends, HRTech13, HR Tech

18 October 2013

Recruiting Technology News: Social Candidate Sourcing Edition

Posted by JamesT

The search for talent is quickly moving beyond traditional job boards and static career sites. The talent search is now inherently mobile and social. New apps and search options help recruiters target those top talent candidates. Specifically, Facebook’s graph search provides recruiters with a new source of candidates to bring into your sourcing and candidate relationship management solution to rank, compare, contact, and engage prospective candidates.

This week, we rounded up articles that shed some light on the current state of social recruiting.

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Topics: recruiting technology, Talent Trends, facebook search graph, social media sourcing, candidate relationship management

15 October 2013

Managing Your Talent Ecosystem: Vendor Networks

Posted by JamesT

According to Bersin by Deloitte's Talent Acquisition Factbook, organizations spend over $125 billion a year on recruiting services and technology. We estimate that over $85 billion of that is spent on recruiting services ranging from recruiting agencies, job board posting, candidates assessments, background checks, drug testing, tax credit verification, and more to help find better candidates faster.

Given the spending across multiple categories, multiple vendors, and multiple integrations, having a thriving vendor network is a key part of an effective talent generation strategy. Sometimes we describe talent generation as an ecosystem -- a group of different networks that work together to produce the job candidates you’re looking for. Your vendor network is an important part of that ecosystem, and making sure it works efficiently for you will help bring you success in your recruiting efforts.

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Topics: Talemetry Today, talent generation, SaaS, ATS, hr technology, vendor networks

11 October 2013

Recruiting Technology News: #HRTechConf Takeaways and Trends Edition

Posted by JamesT

This year’s #HRTechConf was filled with insight, innovation and excitement about the future of work and HR technology. With so much to cover and consider from the event, this week’s roundup brings you the best takeaways and hottest trends from this year’s HR technology conference.

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Topics: Talent Trends, HR Tech, #HRTechConf, hr technology trends

7 October 2013

Introducing Talemetry® Agency

Posted by JamesT

With the HR Technology Conference in full swing, we’ve been fielding a lot of questions and interest in the newest addition to our recruiting software, Talemetry® Agency, which we unveiled here at #HRTechConf. Read the full press release.

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Topics: recruiting agencies, hr technology, Talemetry Product News, #HRTechConf

5 October 2013

Best Bets for the 2013 HR Technology Conference

Posted by JamesT

Like most of the HR technology industry, Talemetry is ready to invade Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas for the 2013 HR Technology Conference. This is my fourth time going, and if prior years are any indication, here are three things I've learned to make the experience better.

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Topics: Talent Trends, hr technology events, HR Tech, #HRTechConf

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