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21 May 2014

Applying Lessons Learned from Consumer Marketing to Recruiting

Posted by Praj

Most modern marketers know that no single touch point will cause a lead to make an immediate purchase. It can often take a dozen or more different marketing engagements. These touch points range from emails, direct mail, events, social ads, radio, television, online marketing and others.

What does this mean in recruiting? Recruiters can learn from how marketers attract and keep leads engaged and apply it to their recruiting marketing efforts. Especially with multi-channel marketing, lead nurturing. and analytics.Close up of human hand drawing business plan with chalk.jpeg

Multi-channel Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing is all about visibility and reach. What makes marketers successful is that they have a multi-channel marketing approach to make sure they are seen and heard by consumers. Recruiters can do the same by leveraging multiple recruiting advertising and sourcing channels to reach target candidates. Recruiters should leverage a mix of these channels to maximize their coverage:

  • Direct Sourcing
  • Job Boards
  • Talent Networks
  • Referrals
  • Past Applicants
  • Agencies
  • Social Channels

By leveraging different marketing channels you can craft your job message to specifically engage candidates within those channels. Don’t use unoriginal content and get lost in the noise. The best practice is to understand what makes your organization attractive compared to other competitors and communicate that through all your content. Unless you have a very strong employer brand such as Google, Facebook, Apple, etc. you’re going to have to make your job message engaging in order for it to stand out from the crowd.

Lead Nurturing

One of a marketer’s best strategies to increase engagement is lead nurturing through what is referred to as drip marketing campaigns. The concept is simple: you have a list of known leads (candidates) that have shown interest in the past (applied for jobs, visited your career site, etc.). Through targeted campaigns, marketers can slowly drip content back to these leads to re-engage their interest, which may eventually lead them to purchase (apply for your job).

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Past applicants, career site visitors, resumes you have sourced from job boards and social networks, all make up your talent database. Rather than starting from scratch to reach new candidates, recruiters can freely market their jobs back to this known talent. A modern recruiting system lets you create recruitment marketing campaigns targeted to your known talent. Recruiters can easily re-engage this candidate pool by simply sending a monthly newsletter with jobs, upcoming job fair or events, news related to your organization, and much more.

A marketer’s lead pipeline is the best source and indicator of future purchases. A recruiter’s pipeline may be the source of your next hire.


Key to success is understanding what’s working and what’s not. As marketers leverage a variety of advertising channels, they need to measure success and their return on investment (ROI) for these activities. This is no different for recruiters. Recruiters already use a variety of different channels to attract talent but without the ability to measure where their hires are coming from, it can be a costly exercise.

Modern recruitment marketing and sourcing platforms
have evolved and now incorporate multi-channel marketing capabilities and complete analytics from a single platform. Much like a modern marketing automation system, recruiters can easily see, react, and optimize their recruiting strategies in real-time. Recruiters, managers, and executives have clear visibility into their entire recruiting operations.

Talemetry delivers access to all available channels of talent, real-time hiring analytics and reporting, and provides an exceptional recruiter and candidate experience – all on one platform. Talemetry integrates deeply with your ATS and provides end to end analytics and workflows to manage talent marketing and sourcing seamlessly with downstream hiring processes.

If you would like to see how Talemetry’s recruitment marketing and sourcing platform can help your organization, click here to sign up for a quick demo!

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