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26 August 2015

Changing Applicant Tracking Systems? No Problem.

Posted by Team Talemetry

It’s been more than 15 years since the first SaaS applicant tracking systems were introduced. Since then, functionality has matured and technologies have improved. Whether it's due to a need for enterprise scale, technology standardization, or a desire to move to the cloud, early adopters and organizations that have grown in size and complexity must switch to new applicant tracking systems.

While these new applicant tracking systems have vastly improved functionality in regards to automating the hiring process, external solutions are still necessary to integrate front-end sourcing and attraction functions into the ATS hiring process. This poses a challenge during migration. Historically, organizations have had to place strategic initiatives for improved recruiting on hold for a year or more while they plan for, and execute, an ATS migration. Because the recruiter and candidate experiences are disrupted, hiring becomes less efficient, depressing business results as positions take longer to fill. Opportunities are lost during a complex (and expensive) migration from the legacy system to the new system.


The Talemetry Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Migration Solution

Freezing strategic candidate acquisition improvements while executing an ATS migration isn't necessary with a modern recruitment marketing platform like Talemetry. Organizations can dramatically reduce costs, eliminate candidate and recruiter facing disruption, and simplify the migration process.

Here is a great case study detailing how University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) migrated from PeopleSoft to Taleo, whie increasing their recruitment marketing capability before, during and after the transition.

Since Talemetry sits between your applicant tracking system and both candidates and recruiting vendors, you can sync your old ATS with Talemetry, hook up external vendors and career sites and then sync with the new system in a phased approach.

The data migration savings achieved is frequently enough to finance your Talemetry license costs.

The Talemetry combined migration solution offers the following benefits:

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  • Increases an organization’s ability to attract, source, and engage candidates while they are planning for and executing a migration.
  • Reduces the cost and complexity of importing candidates and jobs data into the new ATS.
  • Simplifies migration by syncing candidate and jobs data with Talemetry to be subsequently synced with the new system once it’s deployed.
  • Allows for a flexible, measured approach to migration, rather than an overnight “Big Bang” cutover.
  • And more.

To learn more about all of the benefits of incorporating a Talemetry deployment with an ATS migration and how to get started, download the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Migration Solution Snapshot for free here

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