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6 July 2016

70 Million Job Board Views and Most Come from

Posted by Team Talemetry

Talemetry clients get a lot of job views. In fact they received over 70 million views in 2015. And they have the ability to know which boards give them the most views, application starts, completions, and hires. That gives Talemetry users a unique perspective on what works. Clearly the 500 lb. gorilla in this chart is Why is it that makes up almost half the job posts and hires and more than half of the completed applications?

70mViews-table.jpgWell, there’s a simple way to answer this and a more complex, but strategically important, way to answer it.

The simple way is that is free and they scrape your jobs and post without you doing anything.

But there is a more important answer and Talemetry clients know it.

Talemetry Clients Measure Job Posting Results

The more important, and somewhat longer, answer is that Talemetry clients actually post their jobs to rather than having Indeed scrape them from their career sites. Because they actively post to Indeed from Talemetry, they are able to see the results of their Indeed job ads all the way through to hire.

And because they are able to see their Indeed posts all the way through to hire, they are in the unique position to understand just how effective Indeed is for them, and adjust their other job board investments within the context of how performs against other sources.

Now, how many of you think that it is a coincidence that Talemetry clients get the largest portion of their job views, applicants and hires from Well it’s not. The fact is that Talemetry clients sit in the middle of a perfect storm of job posting analytics, favorable pricing, and auto-posting capabilities. This perfect storm plays out like this:job-board-hires.jpg

  1. Talemetry enables clients to actively post jobs to Indeed
  2. Talemetry enables clients to centrally and automatically post every job to Indeed in the background as job requisitions are opened in their ATS
  3. There are no per-post fees, so it costs nothing to send every job to Indeed
  4. Because jobs are auto-posted (not scraped), Talemetry’s analytics can track views, application starts, completions, and hires for Indeed, alongside the performance of their other job posting sources like job boards and social networks

So let this blog be the answer for every recruiter who asks us “why should I post to Indeed, when they scrape my jobs automatically?”

Once you truly see where your views, applicants and hires are coming from, it changes your posting strategy. It is no coincidence that this Talemetry cohort of clients who have access to Talemetry’s unique analytics and auto-posting capabilities direct most of their jobs to Indeed. They see what works. They get tremendous value with hands free posting and no posting fees. They do more of what works.

OFCCP Compliance

The same holds true for the fourth highest source of views, Direct Employers. Because there are no per-post fees, and jobs can be set to centrally and automatically post to any job board without recruiters being involved, Talemetry clients are in a unique position to reduce their compliance risk by sending every job to diversity boards like Direct Employers. Request Demo

This is a powerful one-two punch for recruiting organizations. It’s no secret that leading organizations are moving toward more proactive outbound recruiting strategies and away from traditional attraction strategies like job posting. Having the ability to automatically post jobs to your best sources (that happen to be free) AND ensure that every job gets placed on crucial diversity boards for OFCCP compliance, helps Talemetry clients free up funds to support a broader move towards increased outbound sourcing capability. And of course, Talemetry’s Source & CRM solution provides a powerful tool for harvesting all of those free applicants and driving long-term sourcing relationships with them.

For more information about talent attraction best practices, click here. To check out Talemetry’s unique Job Broadcast solution, click here

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