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12 October 2016

The 2016 HR Technology Conference: Go Big and Go Home

Posted by Team Talemetry


The “World Famous” HR Technology Conference and Exposition is an annual ritual for Talemetry. It is a unique event where we can interface with partners and industry experts and, every once in a while, we see actual corporate HR practitioners who are boning up on their HR technology knowledge.The Talemetry booth was quite busy and we had good conversations. Recruitment marketing was definitely a hot topic, as we announced our new iCIMS integration and Talemetry’s new automated sourcing capability.

It was evident that many smaller recruitment marketing technology vendors had raised capital and invested heavily in their presence at the conference, while others who had previously raised capital were absent this year.

In our meetings with industry financiers, influencers, and analysts, it was clear that many HR technology vendors who have taken on venture capital funding were struggling under the pressure of trying to meet investor expectations for lightening-quick growth.

Save for one or two exceptions, HR Technology has long been a slow moving market and has a history of vendors who show up big at the HR Technology conference only to flame out in subsequent years. Handicapping these vendors as they rise and often fall, is a side conversation that typically goes on at these events between vendors and industry observers.

As Talemetry enters its 17th year as a privately held HR technology vendor, we continue to profitably grow our organization without venture capital. We believe it makes our company and products more stable, not having to over-extend our people and capital resources to placate investors anxious for lottery returns on their money.AndrewHRTech.jpg

We continue to innovate our recruitment marketing software and expand our services to meet increasing client demand. And we watch as other vendors’ booths grow larger and then contract or disappear at HR Tech.

We wish competitors well in the recruitment marketing space. More vendors means more clients and a growth in awareness. Yes, all that venture investment in sales and marketing floats all boats in the space, giving prospective clients access to a range of options.

As we unpack our bags and boxes, we look forward to next year’s event, anticipating which recruitment marketing vendors will show up big, which will contract, and which will stay home. 

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